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What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file from a server responding to a web browser. The cookie allows the website to collect certain information of a user, meaning the website remembers the user’s actions or preferences — such information will be stored onto the user’s browser and computer.

Currently, most internet browsers support cookies (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.); however, the user can manage or disable the cookie preference of the browser at any time.

Below are some samples of cookie settings of common internet browsers:

What type of cookies do we use?

We use cookies to learn how users interact with our website. The cookies also allow us to provide a friendly experience to users. For example, a user’s language choice remains the same while the user is redirecting to another page on our website. We use the following cookies:

  • First-party cookies

    First-party cookies are set by the website that is being visited by the user. The cookie notice will appear to any new user* on a homepage. The cookie notice requires the user to acknowledge and accept the cookie spolicy before using the website.

    (Remarks: *new user means a new website visitor or a user who has cleaned up the cookies on a browser.)

  • Third-party cookies

    Third-party cookies are set by any website other than the website being visited at the time. If a user visits any content owned by another entity which may appear on the site, e.g. a Google Map, this will be third-party cookies.

  • Persistent cookies

    Persistent cookies are cookies that store on auser’s device and/or browser for a period of time. These cookies will activate every time the user visits any particular website that enhance particular cookies. This type of cookie will disable when the cookie expires or is deleted.

  • Session cookies

    Session cookies are enabled temporarily while a user is browsing a website.The session cookies will end and be deleted when the user stops browsing and closes the browser.

  • Google Analytics

    This service will collect information of a user on how the user uses the site. The service allows us to improve the website experience by collecting anonymous information — such data will collect from the HTTP request of the user, browser/system information and first-party cookies. Learn more about Google Analytics here.

Why do we use cookies?

Strictly Necessary

Strictly necessary cookies are commonly known for their significant usage which enables the website visitor to skim through the servicing website freely while using the provided features embedded in the secured areas. Preventing strictly necessary cookies to function will result in uncertainties as to how the website or its security will operate when the visitor accesses the website.

The major purposes for applying cookies are as follows:

  1. The cookies are for the indication of the visitor’s presence when accessing the website and for the verification.
  2. The cookies ensure that the correct service of the website is being rendered to the visitor in case of any website modification.
  3. The cookies are essential for security reasons.


Performance cookies function by accumulating information regarding how the website is being used without collecting any identifiable information. For instance, the amount of time visited and the errors encountered. Such accumulated information works to improve the website efficiency rather than identifying the website visitor.

The performance cookies serve analytically in giving out statistics as to the amount of time the website has been visited. In addition, they inspect errors encountered by the visitors to enhance the website services.


Functional cookies enable the website to keep record of all the process and options the website visitor has chosen throughout the usage of the service. The customized features are saved to enhance the service rendered to the visitor the next time the site is visited. The accumulated information remains anonymous and does not track the visitor’s activities in other websites. The consequence of not applying the mentioned cookies is an unstable service.

Functional cookies may be managed by a third party who renders additional services on the website.


Targeting cookies are used to deliver advertisements relevant to the interests of the website visitor. These cookies remember the inclusive access of other websites and activities that the visitor has visited and engaged in. The obtained information may be shared with other organizations which are the advertising networks.

Social Media

Social media cookies are established by the social media services embedded in the website in case the website visitor would like to share the content with his or her companions. Such cookies possess the capability to trace the visitor’s interests in other websites and profile them. Consequently, it could affect the content on other websites the visitor has visited.

Further information

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