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Today, digital assets – including cryptocurrencies, digital tokens and NFTs, – are expanding across the investment landscape, rivalling physical commodities.  As their popularity soars, so does a new set of legal challenges, risks and opportunities.

Siam Premier’s Digital Asset Practice Group partners with clients across the entire spectrum of the digital assets ecosystem, from up and coming entrepreneurs seeking to issue new types of digital assets to established financial institutions looking to broaden their productofferings. We also assist digital asset fund managers, advisors, exchange, dealers and brokers on regulatory advisory work, and developing internal compliance policies and documents for business operators, as well as providing risk mitigation advice.

With our depth of experience and comprehensive understanding of the legal issues created by the Emergency Decree on Digital Assets Business and its supporting regulations, we are well poised to help you navigate this intricate and evolving space  including:

  • Providing legal advice regarding laws and regulations involved in obtaining digital asset licenses such as exchange and brokerage licenses
  • Advising non-Thai digital assets business operators on requirements for the operation of business in Thailand and restrictions imposed by the Foreign Business Act
  • Assisting issuers in preparing project documents for a legally-compliant Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”), obtaining ICO Portal License from the SEC and preparing legal documents and agreements for operations
  • Drafting risk-mitigation and self-protection documents for investors including client asset handling and Know-Your-Customer policies
  • Drafting legal documents and agreements for business operators including Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, items required by Personal Data Protection Act, Outsourcing Agreements and Collaboration Agreements
  • Advising on data protection issues surrounding the privacy risks created in ownership, acquisition and disposition of NFTs including online identifiers and avatars, blockchain addresses, transaction activity and location data
  • Drafting and reviewing node validator agreements
  • Advising on E-payment and E-transaction risk mitigation including exchange rate risk


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