Congratulations to ZIPAIR

Today, Wednesday 28 October 2020, ZIPAIR Tokyo, Inc. (“ZIPAIR”), a subsidiary of Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., commences its first passenger flight from Bangkok to Narita.  Siam Premier is delighted to be part of this remarkable achievement and congratulate ZIPAIR on this success.

Siam Premier partner, Bancha Wudhiprecha, and associates, Thadawan Subhaphayak and Vichapas Tansuwannarat, have assisted ZIPAIR in obtaining permissions to operate training flights and scheduled flight services to and from Thailand and worked with ZIPAIR throughout last year and this challenging year to achieve this goal.

Our effort has been proven and well received by the message from ZIPAIR that “by virtue of your prompt and accurate legal advice in a timely manner and the great effort to negotiate with CAAT, we could manage to reach the goal”.

We wish ZIPAIR success in all future business endeavors.


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